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What is a micron?
Micron is a unit of measure used to determine the diameter of wool fibres.
A lower micron indicates finer wool while a higher micron indicates coarser wool.
Wool can measure between approximately 11 to 40+ microns.
Knowing the micron count of wool can help you choose the right type of fibre for your desired project.

Where is your wool processed?
Haunui wool is processed in New Zealand.
How is the combed top sold?
The combed top is listed in weight of 100 grams. 
If you would like to purchase, for example, 500 grams of one item, add five to your cart. 
Your purchase is packaged to order so will arrive as one item. 

How are the colours created?
Our sheep have been bred for their stunning colours since the 1980s. There is no white or other coloured wool blended to create shades. Like fine wine, every season can be different so no collection will be 100% the same as the previous year.

How do you care for your sheep?
Our sheep live a natural life outside in large paddocks all year round.
They graze grass and legumes during Spring to Autumn.
Over Winter they graze Kale with supplementary hay or baleage for added fibre.
We are certified by the New Zealand Farm Assurance Program and Responsible Wool Standard (our Haunui Wool products can't be sold under this due to our processors not being registered).
This provides assurance regarding integrity, traceability, animal health and welfare, people, farm, natural resources and biosecurity.  

What if I want to make a bulk order (over 6 kilograms)?
Please contact us via our "Contact Us" page or email: info@haunuiwool.co.nz